Voo Ultra Premium Vodka 750ml

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In your hands, you’re holding the smoothest tasting vodka on Earth, (Yes! on Earth.) Vodka so smooth a chaser is optional, Voo Ultra Premium Vodka is setting the Standard of what quality Should be, Vodka that’s been Distilled not 1x or 3x or 5x like your favorite top shelf Spirits but a Whopping 8x making it the Smoothest, Richest Tasting Vodka ever Crafted, Voo Ultra Premium Vodka was born out of the ashes of a Once Great City, Voo Ultra Premium Vodka was not only created for the true connoisseur of the finer things in life but, to show the world, That like the Phoenix rising out the flames Voo Ultra Premium Vodka is rising out the ashes of a city that’s not only Rebirthing but Reinventing itself to become a beacon of hope, and Voo Ultra Premium Vodka is a symbolic symbol of that Rebirth, a symbol that proves greatness hasn’t left Michigan nor the U.S.A. Our pride in anything we produce is still felt in the hearts of the men and women that give their all to produce a quality product and since our quality is never compromised for the sake of corporate profits, You, my friend, Yes, you, the one reading this, are a part of this journey so as we break down barriers and open up new doors and prove to the world that True luxury doesn’t have to be imported but Luxury can be made here in the U.S.A. born in Detroit Michigan- A New Detroit for the world to admire, A New spirit for the world to enjoy, Remember, Enjoy and Drink Responsibly my friend.


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Experience to Ultra Refine Taste in Voo Ultra Premium Vodka


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